Re-use vs. Recycle

On my travels and while reading articles around the reducing waste theme, I came across a great article yesterday in regards to the difference between re-use and recycle. And to be honest its not really something iv’e thought a great deal about. However, I think that with everything else i’m learning, the difference here is … Continue reading Re-use vs. Recycle


So iv’e been getting completely invested in reducing waste and jumping on the re-usable bandwagon. This weekend has been littered (get the pun?) with DIY waste-free projects. First up was project compost bin: Iv’e tried about 3 times to get into composting, each time with little success. This time however I did my research, and … Continue reading Projects


Recently iv’e been struggling with the concept of purpose in my life. I think it coincides with my new found love for living a more simple life, by taking away the stuff and junk out of my life, I am left with the bareness of both my house and my mind. As a society we … Continue reading Space


It’s an overwhelming task to reduce what we use, own and consume. One of my big simple living goals is to reduce my waste to minimal levels. I’m not sure ill ever get down to zero waste (although I highly commend those who take the notion to heart), there simply will always be some waste … Continue reading “Simplicity”

Living Simpler

So recently (and also not so recently) i’ve been contemplating living more minimally. After reading articles, blog posts, and browsing Facebook pages, I’ve decided to make the mindful decision to become a more conscious consumer of the planets resources, and therefore i’m making the move to living more minimally. I think there is a great … Continue reading Living Simpler